Top 5 Reasons Employers Should Consider Programs like medZERO Based on the EBRI 2023 Survey

Top 5 Reasons Employers Should Consider Programs like medZERO Based on the EBRI 2023 Survey

The 2023 Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) survey highlights the increasing value of financial wellbeing programs in the workplace. As an employer, if you’re contemplating integrating a program like medZERO, a service that offers employees a spending account specifically for healthcare expenses, here are five compelling reasons drawn from the survey’s insights:

1. Enhancing Employee Financial Security and Satisfaction

EBRI Insight: Financial wellness benefits are linked to increased worker satisfaction and retention.

medZERO Impact: By offering medZERO, employers can directly address one of the most pressing financial concerns for employees: healthcare costs. The peace of mind that comes with knowing medical expenses can be managed more easily translates to higher job satisfaction and can significantly improve retention rates.

2. Positive Return on Investment (ROI)

EBRI Insight: Employers are optimistic about the ROI of financial wellness programs, with many expecting budget increases for these initiatives.

medZERO Impact: medZERO’s spending account could reduce employees’ stress related to healthcare payments, potentially decreasing absenteeism and improving productivity. With happier, healthier employees, employers can anticipate a stronger ROI through better performance and lower turnover.

3. Measurable Benefits to Mental Health

EBRI Insight: Financial wellbeing programs are recognized for their positive impact on mental health.

medZERO Impact: The stress of healthcare expenses can take a toll on mental health. medZERO can alleviate this by providing a financial cushion for medical needs. This support can lead to improved mental wellbeing, which is beneficial for both the employee’s quality of life and their professional productivity.

4. Addressing the High Cost of Living

EBRI Insight: High costs of living, including healthcare costs, are a top concern that financial wellness initiatives aim to address.

medZERO Impact: As healthcare costs continue to be a significant portion of the high cost of living, medZERO’s program targets this issue head-on, providing a practical tool for employees to manage these expenses without derailing their finances.

5. Promoting Equity and Access to Healthcare

EBRI Insight: Employers are looking to address diversity, equity, and inclusion through their financial wellness initiatives.

medZERO Impact: Healthcare access is a critical aspect of equity in the workplace. By offering a medZERO spending account, employers can help ensure that all employees, regardless of their economic background, have the same opportunity to access and afford necessary medical care.


The EBRI’s 2023 survey paints a clear picture: financial wellness programs are not just a perk but a strategic necessity for modern businesses. By implementing a solution like medZERO, employers can proactively tackle one of the most significant sources of financial stress for their employees—healthcare costs—while promoting a healthier, more engaged, and more productive workforce. This forward-thinking approach aligns with the key findings of the EBRI survey and positions employers as leaders in employee wellbeing and satisfaction.

Access the EBRI 2023 Survey here.

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