PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–medZERO, a leading healthcare financial wellness company and provider of on-demand, interest-free funds to employees to pay for out-of-pocket health costs, has announced the release of a new version of its app. This latest version includes enhanced usability features, curated content for employees, and direct connectivity to payroll systems.

“The new app is designed to give employees a much better experience”

Kim Darin, medZERO director of Product

“The new app is designed to give employees a much better experience. It’s super easy to use and now provides enhanced content to help them navigate their benefits and make educated choices about their healthcare savings and spending,” says medZERO director of product, Kim Darin.

With the new version of the medZERO app, employees will have access to a wealth of curated content, including articles, videos, and podcasts on topics related to healthcare, wellness, and personal finance. This feature is designed to help employees stay informed and make better decisions regarding their healthcare expenses.

Another major feature announced today by medZERO is direct connectivity to payroll systems, with over 170 platforms supported. This integration automates the setup, enrollment, and ongoing administration of medZERO for employers. All of the most popular payroll platforms are supported by medZERO’s new capability, including ADP, Gusto, Paychex, Rippling, Ceridian, UKG, and Workday.

“Direct connectivity to payroll systems is a game-changer for our platform and our customers”

Ryan Murphy, medZERO head of Client Operations

“Direct connectivity to payroll systems is a game-changer for our platform and our customers,” said Ryan Murphy, medZERO head of client operations. “It allows us to launch a new employer in as little as a few days, and our HR and Benefits partners appreciate the ease of administration.”

The launch of the new version of the medZERO app and the integration with payroll systems are significant steps forward in the company’s mission to make healthcare more accessible, affordable, and accessible for employees.

For more about medZERO and its new app, please visit www.medzero.com.

About medZERO:

medZERO is a healthcare financial wellness platform that provides employees with access to on-demand funds to pay for their out-of-pocket healthcare costs at no interest and no fees. Funds are repaid over time through payroll deduction. Employees with Health Savings Accounts repay using pre-tax dollars, which creates an added savings of up to 30%. medZERO’s solution provides significant cost savings to employers by reducing healthcare costs, improving employee health and retention, and reducing absenteeism.


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